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Share the Joy of Music


    We're an Oregon-based foundation dedicated to spreading the Joy and Healing Power of Music and Theater, and we're glad you found us. Formed to help with the recovery of New Orleans following hurricanes Katrina and Rita, we believe that Music, and especially Jazz, can, and does, serve as a model for how we can better get along with each other despite our race, class, gender, religion, or lifestyle differences. We further believe that by understanding and creating musical Harmony, we not only demonstrate, but actually create more political, social, family, gender, and spiritual Harmony.
    We began our mission in 2005 to assist in the recovery effort by collecting donated instruments and distributing them to musicians in need in New Orleans. In 2007 we switched our focus to giving free music instruction to disadvantaged youth, and from 2008 to April 2010 our main emphasis was accepting donated pianos, using them to teach piano repair and tuning skills in the New Orleans area, and then re-selling or giving them away to schools, churches, clubs, community centers, businesses, and individuals. Since our 2010 move back to Oregon We have continued in that mission of being "the 'Goodwill' of pianos," helping people in southern Oregon through piano removal, moving, tuning, repair, sales, and donations. If You are interested in any of those services, just contact Us and We'll be glad to help.
    Today we are changing yet again, focusing on using Music and Theater to help people through the grieving process. We have recorded a CD "Songs For The Living: A Musical Journey Through Grief" as a musical companion piece to go with a DVD of the play DRIVE, written by our Founder and Director, peter spring. DRIVE is a 48-minute one act play recounting an actual experience that happened to peter during the course of grieving the loss of his son Steven to cancer, and that he found profoundly beneficial to his own healing. We are excited about our new direction.
    As the baby-boom population ages, there is an increasing need for help with the coping skills necessary to deal with the losses caused by disease and death, and we firmly believe that Music and Theater can offer not only real comfort to those in sorrow, but can also serve as a model and template for creating a healthier, more balanced and deeply satisfying life and future for all. We sincerely hope that you will join us in the present on our journey to that better future.

Please feel free to learn more About Us, check out our links and Slideshows, read the latest News and Events, support our projects by making a donation or purchasing a DVD and/or CD, go to our Facebook page, or Contact Us - we'd be glad to hear from you. Thanks!

Steven Spring Foundation

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